How To Search and Download Subtitles For Movies in VLC media player

Hi guys, in this article i am going to show you how you can search and download subtitle in vlc media player. Trust me, this will make your life more easy than before.


Things needed:

1. Vlc media player 2.2.4 is needed
2. Vlsub extension (download link will be included below)

Ok lets get started

Step 1

First of all you should check the version. To check the version you should open vlc media player and click help in the top navigation bar and click help and you will be able to see your vlc media player's version.

Step 2

In step 2, you need to download the vlsub extension. click here to go to the extension download page and download the extension.

Step 3

Extract the downloaded zip file and copy the vlsub.lua file.

Step 4

Now paste it to the destination on which the VLC media player is installed to C-drive and open lua and extension folder and paste it there. Now to find where your vlc media player is install you must literally know yourself. But in case you don't know where you installed the vlc media player, then follow me:

Search VLC media player in your pc

Now, righclick the result and select open file location

Then, again righclick the shortcut and again click open file location

Then, you will find the destination where the VLC media player in c-drive and then open folder lua and extension folder inside lua folder and paste the vlsun.lua file there. 

ok you have sucessfully added the extension, now i will show you how you can actually use the extension

How to search and download the extension? 

To use the extension, play a movie, Then select view and vlsub at the button of the list.

Now, a small window will popup, then search the subtitle by typing the name of the movie and click the search. Then select the desired subtitle and click download.

At last but not the least, enjoy!

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  1. It really works and its very easy thanks a lot man

  2. I found this article very good. Thanks man