How to make Thumbnail for YouTube in Photoshop

If you are a YouTuber than you must know the importance of thumbnail. If your thumbnail for a video is attractive than it will surely attract more viewers. I am working on YouTube for approximately 1 year (at the time I wrote this article) and gained a little bit of success and the main factor that helped me was the video thumbnails. OK without any delay lets start our article.

Things needed:

1) Adobe Photoshop (any version).
2) American captain font. Click here to download it.
3) Little knowledge to Photoshop.

OK after fulfillment of the things that are needed, follow the following steps to make a attractive thumbnail.

Step 1:

First of all, open Photoshop and goto file > new to create a new project.

Goto file > new.

Step 2:

a small window will popup and set width = 1920 and height = 1080. Then  Color Mode must be RBG Color and Background Contents should be transparent. I am using Photoshop cc 2017, and it may look different in other versions, but you will easily figure it out. And also copy all the marked settings in the below photo to your Photoshop and at last click create.

Copy all above settings.

Step 3:

Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle covering full photo. You can give any color to the rectangle.

Select Rectangle Tool

Draw Rectangle equal to the size of the photo

Step 4:

Now right click on the rectangle layer and go to Blending option.

Right click the Rectangle layer

Click Blending Option

Step 5:

Now go to Gradient Overlay and copy all the settings from below photo. If you want than you can mess around with the Opacity and Scale for more good look.

Step 6:

Now Select typing tool on Photoshop and click in the white area and start writing the topic of the video in short and sweet form. For eg: If the topic of video is 'How to make YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop' then you should type 'Make YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop' only. Select the captain american font and write your text. Then adjust it in the left side of the thumbnail as shown in the following photo. You can give any color to the text, here I will leave as it is.

Arrange text as shown in the photo.

Step 7: 

Now again right click the text layer and go to it Blending Option as of Step 4. Then click Drop Shadow option and copy all the marked settings from the following photo. You can play around with Opacity, Distance, Spread and Size if you want. After this press OK.

Copy all marked settings.

Step 8:

Now search for a photo that is related to the topic in google and download it (mainly download png files which have transparent background). After downloading open them individually and copy them and paste in the thumbnail project we are working with. If you are still confused with and don't know how to add photo in Photoshop than read article How to Open an Image in a New Layer in Photoshop For more detailed information. After adding the Image to the photo adjust it in proper and attractive way

Adjust Photos in right side as shown.

After following all above steps, you can successfully create a basic thumbnail for YouTube. For making more attractive thumbnails, keep on practicing and learning. You can watch other tutorials on youtube to learn more about making thumbnail. You need to be creative will making thumbnails and constant practice will sure make you more creative. Keep on working hard and one day that handwork will pay you back.

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