Top 5 most hated people by we Nepali

Let me mention you before that this video is created for entertainment purpose only and is based on the behavior of we Nepali and I don’t have any personal problem with them. So without further ado lets get started

5. Rajendra Mahato

Rajendra Mahato is  a Nepali politician who is the President of the Nepal Sadbhavana Party. He is one of the highest-ranked member of the Terai-Madhesh based parties alliance. I don’t mean that we Nepali hate Madeshi. But due to his involvement in Nepal Terai Andolan and  Indian blockade 2072, we Nepali started Hating him. He is also known for various corruption scandals in Nepal and believed to have two citizen ship from Nepal and India.

4. Rishi Dhamala

Rishi Dhamala has been criticized by many Nepali social media users for his harsh and what many term as rude interview style. He is a Nepali journalist who is the host of a show called "Dhamala Ko Hamala" where many celebrity, political leaders and other public figure come and they have a interview with him. The main reason why we hate Rishi Dhamala because of his facial expression and inappropriate and rude questions he asks to the peoples who come to their show.

3. Prachanda

Pushpa Kamal Dahal, also known as Prachanda, is a Nepalese politician and the chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal. He is the current prime minister of Nepal  of the year 2073. The reason why we hate him is because of his most famous dialogue to make Nepal Switzerland in 10 years. The ten years of civil war was conducted in his leader ship . he is known only giving speech and not converting that speech into reality. He is believed to be involved in various corruption and murder cases.

2. Aayush Rimal

Aayush rimal is a popular Nepali social media entertainer who is mostly famous among the teenagers and young adults in Nepal. Everything was going well until he posted a post in Facebook announcing fans meet and greet and telling them to buy a ticket of rs 250 for meeting him. After this post many Nepali began making trolls of him and started calling him "250 Ko Maal". Other reasons why people hate Aayush Rimal may be because of his videos concepts that he posts in youtube. They think that those video ideas are bullshit

1. Narendra modi

The prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi holds the 1st position in the list of most hated people by we Nepali. after undeclared blockade and saying Buddha was born in India in his speech, most of the Nepali started hating him. Many trolls are done about him in social media by we Nepali social media user. After the blockade 2072 , a slogan "backoffindia" was very famous among Nepali. Almost all Nepali hate Narendra Modi and that’s why he is the most hated person by we Nepali

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