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How To Compress Large Video Files Without Losing Quality [upto 95%]

If you are a YouTuber and have very slow internet speed or lack of storage capacity on your PC or mobile, then this article is specially made for you. In this article I am going to show you a process through which you can compress large video files and reduce it's size up to 95%. OK without any delay lets jump into our tutorial.

Things needed:

1) A software named handbrake. Click here to download this software.

After installing the software above you are ready to go

How to do it?

In order to reduce the file size of the video file up to 95%, you have to follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1

First of all launch handbrake, and open the video file by clicking open source option on the top navigation bar and click file option to open single video file and open the file which you wanna reduce the size.
Click open source

Click file and open the file which you wanna reduce the size.

Step 2

Now we will name the output video file and select the destination in which we wanna save the file in our storage by clicking browse. Please remember the destination because we will find our output video file at that destination after reducing the size of the file.

Giving a name and destination to the output video file.

Step 3

Now on right side you will see many presets, select fast1080p30 on presets.

Select fast1080p30 on presets.

Step 4

Now, on Picture tab, Check Web Optimized and cropping on Top, Left, Button and Right should be 0.

Check Web Optimized and cropping on Top, Left, Button and Right should be 0.

Step 5

Now, on video tab, on Video Codec select H.264 (x264) and in Constant Quality, higher will be the value lower the video quality will be and vice versa, So I suggest you to set it on 22 RF which will keep the balance between quality and size of the file.

On Video Codec select H.264 (x264) and in Constant Quality set it on 22 RF.

Step 6

Now with the setting you have changed, create a new preset by clicking plus sign(+) on preset section and name it as your wish. By doing this, you don't have to change the settings every time you reduce the file size of a video.

Click plus sign on presets tab.

Name the preset and click Add.

Step 7

Now click Start Encode, and your video will be encoded and will be save in the destination you save in Step 2.

Click Start Encode.

After completing all the above steps, a new video file will be saved to the destination set in step 2, after encoding. the output video file's size will decrease and some time the size may decrease up to 95 %

How to hide files in android without any applications

Hello friends, in this article I am going to show you how you can hide files in Android without any applications. This is very easy way and very may few know about this technique and the main advantage of this method is that even if you know the method of hiding the file, you cannot find the file that is hided by other in their mobile. OK If you are excited about this method then lets get started.

How to do it?

To hide any files in android their are some simple steps to follow. The steps are listed below:

Step 1

First of all you need to find the location of the file that you are going to hide in the file manager. the file can be videos, photos, applications, etc.


Step 2

Now rename the file and remove the format name of the file i:e .mp3, .mp4, .3gp, .jpg, .png, etc.from the name which will make the file's format unidentifiable to the smart phone.


Step 3

 After removing the format name, put a dot in the at the  beginning of the name of the file, which will make the file hidden for the smart phone. Make sure that you also rename the file and remember it for the time it is needed to be used.


Step 4 

Now select option and check hide hidden files


After following all the above steps, your file will be successfully hidden. 

How to use that hidden file?

Now, I will show you how you can again use that hidden file. For this purpose you first need to first you need to go to option and select show hidden files. After enabling hidden files to be shown, you need to rename the file and write back whatever format name was removed while hiding the file. In my case I removed .3pg from the name of the file while hiding it. Now I will add .3gp at the end of the name of the file. After doing it your smart phone can read the file. Make sure you again remove the format name and hide it after use.

How To Search and Download Subtitles For Movies in VLC media player

Hi guys, in this article i am going to show you how you can search and download subtitle in vlc media player. Trust me, this will make your life more easy than before.


Things needed:

1. Vlc media player 2.2.4 is needed
2. Vlsub extension (download link will be included below)

Ok lets get started

Step 1

First of all you should check the version. To check the version you should open vlc media player and click help in the top navigation bar and click help and you will be able to see your vlc media player's version.

Step 2

In step 2, you need to download the vlsub extension. click here to go to the extension download page and download the extension.

Step 3

Extract the downloaded zip file and copy the vlsub.lua file.

Step 4

Now paste it to the destination on which the VLC media player is installed to C-drive and open lua and extension folder and paste it there. Now to find where your vlc media player is install you must literally know yourself. But in case you don't know where you installed the vlc media player, then follow me:

Search VLC media player in your pc

Now, righclick the result and select open file location

Then, again righclick the shortcut and again click open file location

Then, you will find the destination where the VLC media player in c-drive and then open folder lua and extension folder inside lua folder and paste the vlsun.lua file there. 

ok you have sucessfully added the extension, now i will show you how you can actually use the extension

How to search and download the extension? 

To use the extension, play a movie, Then select view and vlsub at the button of the list.

Now, a small window will popup, then search the subtitle by typing the name of the movie and click the search. Then select the desired subtitle and click download.

At last but not the least, enjoy!

How to take screenshot on window's computer | Easy way

Hi guy, in this article I will show you how you can take screenshot on your window's PC. It is very very easy but may be unknown to some peoples. Ok without any delay lets start our steps:

How to do it?

you can take a screenshot of a computer screen simply following the steps given below.

Step 1: 

Open anything on your PC that you wanna take screen shot of and then press PrtScr or Print Screen key on your keyboard.

Click Print Screen or PrtScr key on keyboard

Step 2:

Now open paint and press Ctrl + v. After pasting, a screenshot image will appear.
Open paint and press Ctrl + v

Step 3:

Now save the file by pressing Crtl + s and name it whatever you want and save in the loaction where ever you want.

After saving the screenshot, you will successfully take screenshot of you computer screen 

How to make Thumbnail for YouTube in Photoshop

If you are a YouTuber than you must know the importance of thumbnail. If your thumbnail for a video is attractive than it will surely attract more viewers. I am working on YouTube for approximately 1 year (at the time I wrote this article) and gained a little bit of success and the main factor that helped me was the video thumbnails. OK without any delay lets start our article.

Things needed:

1) Adobe Photoshop (any version).
2) American captain font. Click here to download it.
3) Little knowledge to Photoshop.

OK after fulfillment of the things that are needed, follow the following steps to make a attractive thumbnail.

Step 1:

First of all, open Photoshop and goto file > new to create a new project.

Goto file > new.

Step 2:

a small window will popup and set width = 1920 and height = 1080. Then  Color Mode must be RBG Color and Background Contents should be transparent. I am using Photoshop cc 2017, and it may look different in other versions, but you will easily figure it out. And also copy all the marked settings in the below photo to your Photoshop and at last click create.

Copy all above settings.

Step 3:

Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle covering full photo. You can give any color to the rectangle.

Select Rectangle Tool

Draw Rectangle equal to the size of the photo

Step 4:

Now right click on the rectangle layer and go to Blending option.

Right click the Rectangle layer

Click Blending Option

Step 5:

Now go to Gradient Overlay and copy all the settings from below photo. If you want than you can mess around with the Opacity and Scale for more good look.

Step 6:

Now Select typing tool on Photoshop and click in the white area and start writing the topic of the video in short and sweet form. For eg: If the topic of video is 'How to make YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop' then you should type 'Make YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop' only. Select the captain american font and write your text. Then adjust it in the left side of the thumbnail as shown in the following photo. You can give any color to the text, here I will leave as it is.

Arrange text as shown in the photo.

Step 7: 

Now again right click the text layer and go to it Blending Option as of Step 4. Then click Drop Shadow option and copy all the marked settings from the following photo. You can play around with Opacity, Distance, Spread and Size if you want. After this press OK.

Copy all marked settings.

Step 8:

Now search for a photo that is related to the topic in google and download it (mainly download png files which have transparent background). After downloading open them individually and copy them and paste in the thumbnail project we are working with. If you are still confused with and don't know how to add photo in Photoshop than read article How to Open an Image in a New Layer in Photoshop For more detailed information. After adding the Image to the photo adjust it in proper and attractive way

Adjust Photos in right side as shown.

After following all above steps, you can successfully create a basic thumbnail for YouTube. For making more attractive thumbnails, keep on practicing and learning. You can watch other tutorials on youtube to learn more about making thumbnail. You need to be creative will making thumbnails and constant practice will sure make you more creative. Keep on working hard and one day that handwork will pay you back.

Top 5 Richest People of Nepal

Money isn't everything but it is something that can provide immense pleasure, luxury and happiness. Many people struggle entire life to have a decent life style, some get succeeded while other still struggle. Here I have brought you top 5 richest people of Nepal. Enjoy the list.

5. Balram Chainrai.

Born in October 1958 and educated in Hong Kong Chainrai speaks several languages and is fluent in Cantonese, English and Sindhi. Having started his business career quite early in life Chainrai soon established himself as a leading business man in Hong Kong. His core company Hornington Enterprises Limited was incorporated in 1984 in Hong Kong. The company is involved in the manufacture and trading of electronic good with an annual turnover in excess of 200 million US dollar. Chainrai’s involvement include, investments in property, hotels, the entertainment industry and, solar power projects. Recently, Chainrai has also bought the Portsmouth City Football Club which is an English Premier League Club.

4. Aaditya Jha.

Aaditya Jha was born in a middle class family with 3 bothers and 2 sisters in southern Nepal. Aaditya got his Bachelors Degree in Science, MSc in mathematics and PG Diploma in Computer Science. He started his work experience in India then moved to Singapore, Australia then to Europe. Finally he arrived Canada where he worked at Bell Canada as a General Manager. After few years experience he started his own Software company Isopia Incorporation. After the success of Isopia he started a new software company Osellus and Karma Confectionery. He has been working in many different social organizations in Nepal India and Canada.

3. Shesh Ghale And Jamuna Gurung.

Shesh Ghale is a Nepalese Businessman in Melbourne, Australia. He has been listed as the 99th richest man in Australia together with Jamuna Gurung his wife. Ghale and Gurung who worth 528 Million Australian Dollar combined in 2015 is the CEO of MIT, Melbourne Institute of Technology University whereas Mrs. Jamuna Gurung is Managing director of the Melbourne Institute of Technology and owner of several commercial properties. Recently he has expanded his business in Nepal. His 5 Star Hotel the Kathmandu Sheraton project is under construction now. This Couple was very active during, April 2015 Earthquake in Nepal.

2. Upendra Mahato.

After getting  his PhD. from Russia in 1990, he has expanded his business of electronics, oil, real estate, banking and heavy machinery. Currently, he has employed more than 12,000 people including 50  Nepalese. He started his business career as an electronic trader, he has a television factory in Voronezh 400 kilometer south of Moscow. His latest project is constructing a 26 storey building investing 50 million dollar apartment block in Moscow. He is popular among people because of his interest in social work. He is former president of NRN and also been member of many Nepali social clubs.

1. Binod Chaudhary. 

Binod Chaudhary is a Nepalese businessman, industrialist and philanthropist. He is the current chairman of Chaudhary Group CG, a conglomerate that consists of nearly 80 companies. Chaudhary Group forms an intrinsic part of every realm of life from Food & Beverage, Electronics & Home Appliances, Beer, Cigarette, Financial Services, Infrastructure, Hotels & Real Estate, Automobile, Health Care and Education. In 2014 Mr Binod Chaudhary has been, the first ever Nepalese billionaire with worth 1 billion US dollar and listed on Forbes billionaires list securing, world's 1342 richest list.

Once again being rich is not every thing. You should have a decent heart before a great bank balance and if you manage to fill your banks with stacks of money then utilize it not only for yourself but also for the betterment and upliftment of other needy people.

Top 5 weird laws of Nepal

"Nepal ko kanun daiba le janun" is a very popular quote of Nepal. In this post I am going to show you the fives laws that will make you amazed. These laws are the most stupid law ever made and they really suck..!! I don't know who made these laws and what was going in his mind..? Ok, lets start our countdown.. 

5. Restriction on sexual scene in movies

Nowadays most of the Nepali movies contain either sexual scene or vulgar words spoken on it. but, According to Some Public CrimeAnd Punishment Act 2027, it is out of law to show sexual scene in the movies. Not only that the movie cannot be released even if it refers the sexual information. If it is for public health awareness purpose then it is fine otherwise it a criminal act. No person can use vulgar words not only on film but also in real life too.

4. Begging is illegal

Every day we see beggars begging on the streets of Nepal. Begging is the practice of imploring others to grant a favor, often a gift of money, with little or no expectation of reciprocation. Beggars may be found in public places such as transport routes, urban parks, and near busy markets. Besides money, they may also ask for food, drink, cigarettes or other small items. According to Begging Prohibition Act Nepal it is not allowed to beg, if anyone is found begging, then he or she can be punished Rupees 75 as maintained by law.

3. Limitation on decoration of homes

This law is very funny type of law . In the very act it is mentioned that the concerned buildings should not be decorated heavily using lights, flowers and other decorating materials. I don’t know the reason why this law is made for. The houses of Nepal are not allowed to be decorated h­eavily, if done then it’s illegal. This means we do illegal crime in tihar by decorating our home. Who the hell made this law and what was going in his mind.

2. License for conductor

We all have travelled in public buses and most likely faced the multitude issue where the conductor often ask us to go deep inside the vehicle so that other passengers could be adjusted. Yes, those conductors must have a license according to the Motor Vehicle Act, Chapter 5. To get that license the conductor should be 18+ but remember and think yourself how many of those conductors in our country are at least 18.

1. Limitation on the number of attendants and band members in wedding ceremony

We all have been attendants’ in wedding ceremony either of our friends, brothers or other relatives, particularly, it is known as ‘Janti’ in Nepali community which means attendants from bridegroom’s side. According to the Social Practice Reform Act 2033, the number of those attendants should be maximally 51. If it is more than 51, the penalty is rupees 10,000 and up to 15 days jail punishment. Furthermore, it is also stated that the band members that are taken to the ceremony should not be more than 11. Else if the punishment is as of mentioned above. So, don’t take band members of more than 11 in your marriage otherwise you’ll be punished according to the law.

Hope you like this post, if you like this post be sure to share this post and subscribe the YouTube channel for more.

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